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At R Garage, we take pride in helping our customers reach their performance, style and race goals. To celebrate our customer’s achievements, we have added a few pictures of their prize possessions to this site. Please feel free to email us any pictures and notable achievements, and we’ll do our best to put them on our website! 

Name: Pascal
Location: Belgium
Car: Nissan Sunny GTiR
Power: 600 BHP
Purpose: Drag Racing
Name: Dave
Location: UK
Car: Nissan Pulsar GTiR
Power: 330 BHP
Purpose: Circuit Racing
Name: Damian
Location: California, USA
Car: Corvette C6
Power: 480 BHP
Purpose: Weekend Drives
Name: Dave
Location: Northern Ireland
Car: Nissan Sunny GTiR
Power: 220 BHP
Purpose: Weekend Drives