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Founded in 2007, R Garage was set up to provide specialist tuning products to the ever-growing number of car enthusiasts in the UK. As the company name implies, R Garage was primarily designed to supply aftermarket tuning items to the high-performance Japanese car market. Initially set up to accommodate the Nissan Sunny/Pulsar GTiR models, we have expanded considerably and are now able to advise on, and order products to suit all manufactures and models, yet retaining particular emphasis on the Japanese import market.

Through close ties with dedicated car forums and owners clubs, in addition to regularly participating in race/drag/drift events throughout the UK, we understand exactly what the customer requires. As an official dealer of highly desirable tuning products from companies such as JUN, Brian Crower, Forge Motorsport, Pauter, Endless and Tial, we are able to offer a large quantity of specialist products at very competitive prices - just email us for a quote!

Name: Dave Jess
Position: Joint Managing Director
Company Duties: 
Chief marketing liaison
Electrical systems
NIStune programmer
Web design
email: davej@rgarage.co.uk

Name: Dave Mercer
Position: Joint Managing Director
Company Duties: 
Marketing liaison
Engine and exhaust systems
Mechanical systems
email: davem@rgarage.co.ukmailto:davej@rgarage.co.uk?subject=I%20was%20browsing%20your%20website%20and%20wanted%20to%20email%20youmailto:davem@rgarage.co.uk?subject=I%20was%20browsing%20your%20website%20and%20wanted%20to%20email%20youshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1